Marysville Cobras: Come Play With The Best

The Marysville Cobras intend to provide an opportunity to the youth who are interested in a more competitive baseball/softball program. It is our goal to enrich the player's knowledge and abilities through a fun athletic environment. The Marysville Cobras also intend on providing exposure to all phases of baseball/softball at a level that will challenge the abilities of each player individually and as a team. Learn More

Sponsor a Team Today

Sponsorships are a great way for helping pay for the taem costs. Sponsorship forms will be provided to anyone interested in obtaining a sponsor for the team. Become a Sponsor

Field Locations & Directions

We have not defined our official team field at this time. Unitl the official Marysville Cobras field has been finalized we will be working on different fields within Marysville. More Info

League Information

The Marysville Cobras will be a member of the Central Ohio Youth Baseball League (COYBL). There will be roughly 16 - 20 league games played from May to July. Get Details